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Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Grant fees are project-based and reflect the time, expertise, and resources required for each component of the overall grant project.

Currently, KGA specializes in privately funded nonprofit, (writing a limited number of select nonprofit or for-profit municipal and state grants annually).

Many factors, beyond the grant writer’s control, can determine a grant award outcome. KGA has successfully  written grants ranging from $2,500-$225,000. We prepare high-quality, professional proposals. Our return on our client’s investment is 80% or greater.

Once we engage a grant-ready client, and have  an identified funding opportunity, if the major grant document components are in place,  we find that it’s helpful to allow 3-weeks for most private grants. This timeframe allows for KGA  information capture, drafts, edits, final revisions.

KGA works with one primary individual, who is knowledgeable of the organization, its programs, and has authority for decision making (i.e., Executive Director [paid or volunteer], Development Director, Board Chair, Program Director).This individual will help to gather all organizational, program, and financial data for use in the grant application narratives and financial sections.

Absolutely. For those who want to learn and eventually prepare their own grant, we offer grant templates. By using our grant templates, nonprofit staff learn the components of, and appropriate verbiage used in a grant proposal.  Eventually they can transition to grant proposal writing work, which is independent of KGA, engaging with KGA for initial proposal reviews or a quick consultation.

Yes! We pride ourselves in providing a vetted list of up to 8-12 mission-fit private funders for our research clients.

KGA works with 501©(3) grant-ready organizations. KGA can help nonprofit organizations to determine if they are grant ready using our Grant Readiness Checklist. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your nonprofit’s status during a Grant Readiness Consultation. If your organization is not yet grant- ready, we can help develop a grant readiness plan and share resources that will help your organization build grant ready characteristics. During a Grant Readiness Consultation, KGA will:

  • Review your completed grant readiness checklist with your organization’s representative.
  • Clarify ways that grant funding can optimize your nonprofit’s overall fundraising plans.
  • Address specific questions regarding grant readiness or grant processes.
  • Discuss a grant readiness plan and how we can provide support.