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J, Balvin

We share your passion to be a “Force for good”. We live in an ever-changing world which increasingly demands professionalism and accountability. This is particularly true of nonprofit organizations which operate via public support. Because nonprofits are structured differently than corporate businesses, nonprofit leaders must be knowledegable, and prepared for challenges which are unique to the nonprofit sector. Such challenges may present during the start-up process or leadership succession transitions when leaders must recruit new board members. Operations challenges speak to the need for the organization to develop and implement proper systems to support the nonprofit’s all-important programs and mission. Financial challenges reflect the need for nonprofit leaders to understand how to effectively develop donor connections, funding campaigns, or how to successfully collaborate with grant-makers to secure grant funding. The sustainability of the organization’s mission rests on the cornerstones of the organization’s resource management and adaptive capacities.

KGA skillfully assesses the characteristics unique to each organization and its lifecycle. When working with newly formed 501(c)(3) nonprofits, we share creative, time tested professional resources and strategies that will strengthen both financial, human, and operational resource capacities. Likewise, KGA helps mature nonprofits to preserve their growth via activities such as leadership transition planning, re-evaluating community relevance, and through the implementation of adaptive systems.

Additionally, KGA Nonprofit Consulting assists 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations to finance their mission, in part, via corporate and private foundation grant funding. Successful grant proposal writing requires a distinct skill set. Certified grant writers possess in-depth knowledge of grant research, program and proposal development. We research professional databases, to identify mission-fit funding resources. KGA offers the opportunity to mentor and work collaboratively with your key organizational leaders, to educate them on how to prepare award-winning corporate and foundation grant proposal. Additionally, KGA will also fully prepare award-winning grant proposals on project basis, or through a short term contract. By hiring KGA as your independent grant writing consultant, your leaders can focus on managing your organization’s important programs. Bringing KGA on as an independent grant consultant also affords your nonprofit valuable professional expertise, but without any additional employee overhead.

KGA’s creative, comprehensive approach to strategic fundraising centers on fund development planning. and activities that generate valuable, lifetime donor relationships, and stewards the organization’s current donors. We will also help your organization to explore new donor connections, and outline approaches to recruit new supporters, as well as ways to reconnect with former donors. KGA can help your organization plan year-round funding plans that incorporate a variety of individual appeals, as well as outreach for planned and legacy gifts. As needed, we welcome the opportunity to help your nonprofit to develop a capital campaign to help build resources, or to fund capital improvements.

Resource Capacity Building

  • Board Leadership
  • Strategic Plan
  • Volunteer Engagement

Corporate & Foundation Grant Funding

  • Grant Readiness
  • Proposal Reviews
  • Grant-Maker Research
  • Program Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Long-term Grant Writing Service (2-12 months)

Strategic Fund Development

  • Individual Giving
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Legacy Giving